You can see videos of some of our activities on the Events page.

Current Courses Semester 2, 2019:

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Possible Courses to be introduced later this semester:

Please let us know if you are interested in the following activities either held in the past or proposed by members. Please indicate your preferences on your Course Selection Form.

  • Vegetarian Cooking: Normally held once in each semester.
  • Just Eat It: DVD related to “The War On Waste” which has been shown in the past.
  • Round Table Discussion Group: Member suggestion, to be discussed with interested members.
  • Slide Copying: U3A equipment and instructions are available for members in a group situation and also on loan for this activity.
  • Digital Camera Forum: Discussion group similar to the Computer Forum but related to photography.
  • Play Readings: A new activity in conjunction with Barossa Players, likely to be once a month.

Registration and Enrolment Form

You can fill out our on line Registration Form, or you can download the form to print and return here: Registration and Enrolment Form