What is U3A?

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U3A is an international volunteer organisation providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment for people who are usually over 50 who are no longer in full-time employment.

The concept has taken root in South Australia with 19 groups well established in the state. From humble beginnings the Kapunda U3A has grown exponentially, diversifying in subjects and increasing in expertise. The consequence of this is that we are growing out of our basic equipment items which need some upgrading to cope with increasing demands.

U3A is run entirely by volunteers (It’s Members?) and draws on the knowledge, experience and skills of its members to learn from each other and share experiences in a relaxed, social environment.

U3A Kapunda and Districts

U3A Kapunda and Districts has been in existence for about 10 years and has about 100 members from the town of Kapunda extending as far as Gawler, the Barossa Valley and Eudunda. Courses offered include a Choir (Kadence), a book club, community garden and petanque. Courses may last for an hour or a year and, for a small annual fee, members may enrol for as many courses as they wish. An additional fee may apply for some courses. There is no accreditation, assessment or qualification to be gained.

U3A Kapunda and Districts is an independent body which is run by an elected management committee of members. Everyone is encouraged to contribute voluntarily to the running of this U3A to ensure it is an active and vibrant organisation.

U3A Kapunda and Districts believes learning is a pleasurable experience which provides opportunities to mix with like-minded people who enjoy doing new things.

Message from the President

Welcome to the U3A President’s report for 2022.

I am pleased to say that although COVID 19 remains a major health issue on the worlds radar, the year has been one of consolidation. Fortunately, most programs conducted and managed by U3A have been able to re-convene and continue their activities for which we are most grateful.

The year produced many highlights and one that stands out is the Council’s ‘Active Citizenship Australia Day Award’ presented to David MacKinnon for his wonderful contribution to further establishing the Community Garden at Kapunda which is a great credit to all concerned. I hear some of the members enjoy a game of Petanque on the garden path on Thursdays. Sounds like fun!

Another highlight has been a concert performed by KaDenCe choir with the backing of the UKAPUNDAS ukulele group held in the Kapunda Soldiers Memorial Hall. In excess of $2200 was donated to the Northern Rivers Conservatorium in Lismore in NSW to assist in replacing lost music and instruments as a result of the flooding last year. Well done to all involved!

In managing U3A I must acknowledge the commitment of the committee: Geoff Sclare, Lorraine Leske, David MacKinnon, Sandy Lucas and the excellent contribution made by Lyn Wheeler.

We are always on the lookout for new activities that fit our U3A program and recently I have been in contact with a member of the community who has gathered together a number of volunteers prepared to take care of the ‘Planter Boxes’ located in the Main Street of Kapunda. Volunteering in this way is at the very essence of what U3A is all about, Community members socialising and working together for the benefit of the town and community.

I wish to pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to Geoff Sclare for allowing us to meet at his home and the worldly and timely advice he has provided to the management of the organisation and especially to me. I also acknowledge and thank all committee members for their support and valuable contribution, without which, this organisation could not exist. I am most grateful. Let’s not forget U3A is about learning for pleasure and fun and socialising with likeminded people who enjoy new challenges, learning and sharing new skills and exchanging many life stories and adventures. Thank you to all and please give some thought to taking on a small role on the U3A committee…………….Cheers!!!


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